Monday, 27 January 2014

Maybelline: On & On Bronze

'iya loves,
Maybelline colour Tattoo's... oh my goodness where do I start?! I love these things. I have practically all of them I love them that much. When you find a product that you love that much you end up finding yourself needing every colour even if you cannot justify using every colour! This shade is one of the most popular shades, and over in the states it's called Bad to the Bronze.
What are these colour tattoo's?! (other than amazing!) They're gel cream shadows which literally have the staying power like no other I've tried. They last literally 24 hrs. I've worn these on a night out, walked home in the rain, gone to bed even cried with these on and they don't budge. The pigmentation of these is good with just applying one layer. However what's also good is you can build up the intensity as much as you like. You want a more dramatic look? just build up the layers. These are really good to use as a base as well, to either put eye shadow over the top, pigment or glitter.
This is one of my most used as you can tell by the huge dent in the middle. This is my favourite everyday product if I'm in a rush, don't have time for an eye shadow look but need something to slap on. This is great. It looks like you've put a lot more effort into it than you actually have. Swipe it on, blend it out and you're done. It's really that simple.
have you fallen for the hype of these beauties yet?!

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