Thursday, 9 January 2014

MUA: Heaven & Earth Palette.

'iya beauties,
 MUA Heaven & Earth Palette | £4.00

Why has this palette only just made it to my blog? I have no clue. This is one of my most used palettes. MUA are definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to palettes. They come in at a price tag of £4-£6. The eye shadows are great quality, pigmented, super easy to blend and buttery. I own a lot of MUA's palettes simply because I'm obsessed. You know me I've gone a bit OTT with neutral palettes and probably have way more than I actually need. I don't use them all at once obviously. It's like I'm a hoarder when it comes to palettes. This palette is all shimmers so if shimmer isn't really your thing then this won't be for you. I find shimmers actually blend easier. This palette is so versatile. You can use the bare minimum and go for almost 'naked' eyes for a daytime look. Amp it up a bit and be a bit more daring. Or go all out and do a night time look making it super smoky. Whichever way you decide to wear this palette it will look gorgeous. There are so many looks you can play around with which I love! I've not even hit pan on any of this shadows and I used so much last year! I hate the brushes they put in with these palettes because I find them awful to use. I end up throwing them away because I just never use them. Normally if I feature one of these palettes in a haul or faves video the brush falls out without fail and I end up throwing it away there and then! I think this would be great if you're just starting out with make up! Especially as it's super affordable!
Have you tried any MUA palettes?!

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