Monday, 20 January 2014

Rimmel: Day 2 Night

'iya loves,
 Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara £7.99

Hello Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara. You are a beauty. This is an amazing mascara hands down. It's up there with Maybelline the Falsies and we all know how I feel about that mascara. This is such a good mascara. It's different to any of the mascaras I have tried. It's extra black which I love. I originally picked up a brown-black one by mistake. I really like that one for when I want something a little less intense.

It's a 2 in 1 brush known to the 'magic cap' it looks like there's two wands but there is just the one. You've got the length side which disperses less product. The volume side obviously has more product on to build the volume on your lashes. I like to apply this by using the volume side, the length side then the volume side again. I find this gives the best results and this is how I used it in the pictures above. I really like the look it gives my lashes it's very similar to the Maybelline the falsies.

It's again an affordable mascara, and probably I'd say one of Rimmel's best ones. It claims to give you 15x volume for fuller lashes. The length brush really helps to separate your lashes which is why I like to use it after the volume side, then go back on with the volume after. If you love mascara's like the falsies then this could be your new favourite. It's so good. I am definitely going to be repurchasing this as soon as I need a new one, I can't not have one of these in my collection.

have you tried this mascara?

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