Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel: Scandaleyes Lycra Flex

'iya loves,
I'm such a mascara junkie I'm always looking for something to take over my beloved falsies. So far no luck. It's got the number one spot. However this is pretty good. If you've seen my not worth the hype video you will know the original Scandal eyes mascara was in that. Fact is that one just didn't work for my lashes, it didn't lengthen and it clumped them together without actually adding volume. Again I got that when I spent £10 on Rimmel so got it free. Same with this one. I thought I'd give it another try as I love the Retro Glam which I've reviewed already. Packaging of this is a yes for me it's neon green and I love it. The brush is slightly larger than other brushes, however I feel I'm able to get on with this. Once you learn how to work with it you should have no problems. The brush is supposed to enable you to coat every lash right at the root in one swipe. Hence the massive brush. I find I am able to layer this nicely without it clumping. It does slightly give the look of false lashes on my lashes, however it doesn't compare to my beloved falsies. It's extra black which I love, I feel it makes your lashes look even better when it's a jet black mascara. Overall, I'm thrilled with this mascara I thought I'd hate it and I am pleasantly surprised. I'd give it a 8/10.
have any of you tried this mascara, what are your thought's?

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