Wednesday, 5 February 2014


'iya lovelies,
So I've been doing a lot of haulin' lately. When I mean a lot I do mean A LOT! I went to Bluewater yesterday with my mumma. It was a great retail therapy day and I think I needed it. I've lost track of how many times I've been called hormonal this month. Fact is we all over react we're female. You either learn to accept that or you can jog on. The fact my boyfriend still bravely calls me 'hormonal' at this stage is just flat out brave. It's the worst thing to say to a woman when her moods are all over the place. We over think things, read into everything and come up with about a million and one different meanings cos we're girls it's what we do. So for this reason I needed to go shopping and spend some of my hard earned money on myself. Not to mention a lot of this will feature on my blog for content so really it's an all round win.
Bare in mind we also went into town first before Bluewater and Primark and Select we're incredibly appealing to me. Two dresses, two tops.. even ordered two dresses from New Look. Then there was LUSH. Basically I was very controlled in LUSH. I didn't go OTT because I already have so much in my LUSH stash it seemed crazy. I did pick up a limited edition bath bomb which by the way is huge and awesome and amazing. A new face mask and toner water also managed to make it into my basket. Overall my bank card thanked me for not going completely overboard in LUSH. I think it may have been because of my overspending in Boots. YES Boots. I need to go to rehab so I never step foot in Boots or Superdrug again. It's my weakness no joke, I go in there for one thing and come out with far too much. Did I need?! Probably not, but my blog is thanking me. So basically what happened was I went into Boots for dry shampoo, after debating which one to get for about ten minutes I did successfully add this to my basket. After, I'd been to the Maybelline counter and picked up the new falsies big eyes mascara, which by the way so far I love! I also managed to get my hands on the baby skin primer which has mixed reviews but so far I really like it! The Soap & Glory Counter was next door and of course my feet instantly took me there. What happened?! Well I ended up getting their bronzer with my Boots card points and I got their highlighter because I'm obsessed. The L'Oreal counter also stood out to me.. it was buy one get one half off. Miss Manga and the Flutter Lash mascara's ended up in my basket. As well as the dream lumi magique primer and true match foundation. You're probably thinking you already have one true match foundation which I do. My problem is that it appears to be too light for my skin tone which I'm not used to. I picked up one with more yellow undertones and is darker than the 'ivory shade' I believe it's called 'golden ivory'. I paid some love and attention to the Bourjois counter which was spend £10 and get a free liquid liner worth £7... of course I took advantage and got the happy light primer. I got the radiance one, there are two versions they also do a matte version for oily skin. The eyeliner I got free, I picked the shade black, they had a purple and I think pink. My god it is black it's so far so good! And lastly, if all that wasn't enough for you I picked up a Revlon lip butter in the shade crème brulee because it's a beautiful nude colour.
All in all I think my boot's spending spree was successful and after photographing for my blog I spent at least an hour playing around with the products and I have no regrets. I tried out all the mascara's because I instantly know if I'm going to like one and all three are fab! The new Revlon lacquer and matte balms I want to get my hands on but I think that's for next month, same with some more of the apocalips and lip butters!
Again if you don't follow my youtube channel then you totally should, but I shall leave my latest videos down below for you lovelies!
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  1. I got baby skin the other day too! It's very similar to the porefessional primer!!! Xx

    1. So far I really like the baby skin! x


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