Wednesday, 26 March 2014


'iya loves,
Currently blasting out the Frozen soundtrack, seriously I'm obsessed. Not seen the film?! Go see it, it's amazeballs. Apparently it's out next Monday?! So adding that to my Disney collection it's a must. Wednesday is typically the day where I do a lifestyle chatty post to catch up with you all. There's going to be a slight change to my upload schedule which I wanted to first of all mention. Blog posts are still going to be Monday-Friday only I'm going to be scheduling them for 10am. Simply because I prefer to post in the mornings however work often seems to get in the way of that. I will still reply to comments that's not changing. Next up Youtube. What's changing there?! My main channel is going to be staying the same where I upload two videos a week which is now permanent. Sunday's and Wednesday's are my upload days for that. My extra's channel videos will be uploaded on a Friday. This is where I need your feedback. What do you want to see on that channel? I'm not going to say there's going to be a new video every week because at the moment I'm needing ideas first. There will be a video going up on there this Friday though, for the first time in months. Also, let me know if you like bloopers at the end of my videos, I often forget to save them for the end. Either that or they will go up on my extra's channel. It depends how many there are from a certain video haha!
So what else has changed? Have you seen the new update on my blog? Well I fancied a changed and I prefer this a lot more to what it was. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube all have the same design too. My into on my videos has followed that design and I'm really liking it. I feel it looks tons better and I'm more pleased with it. I have so many ideas for my main channel that I'm excited to be able to film. I'm also going to making more use out of Bloglovin' every time I post it will share it to my social media which helps me out in getting my blog out there for everyone. It also allows you to never miss a post.
Now lifey things that's so not a word.. ha. I've been using my Clarisonic now for exactly a week. Differences yet? Yes slightly, my skin feels so much cleaner. That may sound completely cray, but honestly I feel like I'm getting all of my make up off now. You'll know what I mean if you just use your hands with a cleanser.. go back in with a toner on a cotton pad and there's still make up on there.. I don't get that with this which I love. I have a feeling I will be reaching the purging stage. I'm not sure whether it's hormones at the moment it could possibly be, or whether it is the Clarisonic bringing everything to the surface but I have a couple of breakouts after a week of using. It doesn't really phase me that much to be honest. What I have noticed is that it reduces the redness and the size each day of use. Not only that, scaring from previous blemishes are starting to slowly but surely fade. Overall my skin is looking a lot healthier which makes me happy. So far I don't regret that purchase at all! I plan to do a first impressions after a month of using, then doing a review after 3-6 months so I can give you my honest opinions over a longer length of time.
My skincare obsession is clearly still there. A newer obsession is perfume. My collection has grown since Christmas. So much prettiness sitting on top of my chest of drawers. That is what attracts me to begin with I think.. then you know me for my scents. I mentioned being excited for spring/summer in my last one of these.. well today consisted of rain, sleet and snow showers. I miss the sun.
Quick side note before I post my new videos below for you, if my videos are going up later than normal it's because of how long Youtube is taking to upload my videos. I'm not sure if it's youtube or my internet. I can't work it out. Either way it's so annoying at the moment. Just bare with me! I hope you're all having a lovely week :)
Very Haul:
Chit Chat GRWM Feat. Stila in the light Palette:
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