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March Glossybox UK 2014: Beauty Blossom

'iya loves,
This months box is all about spring which means we're looking at slightly brighter colours. I'm not entirely over the moon with this months box to be honest with you. February's was getting there, I still feel this is the same as February's. I feel like it's missing something.. I wasn't that surprised when I opened this months box.. It felt empty. The total of this months box comes in at around £30 which isn't bad at all. I just can't say I'm all that excited about all of the products. There's drugstore options in here from Sleek, and Dove which I think people are either going to love or hate. Obviously when subscribing to Glossybox the idea is to try luxury things for a lower price. I don't really feel Glossybox are doing all that good this year.. This box was purchased with glossydots, so all is not lost. The same will be for next months box and depending how I feel after that we shall see if I will be cancelling.
As you can see from the photos above the packaging is their normal pink and black. The photo directly above hopefully you can slightly see my disappointment when I opened this months box. It just doesn't seem full. I don't know if it's me expecting too much from Glossybox nowadays.. or whether their quality of boxes is just getting worse. The main thing that stood out to me right from the get go was the two perfume samples which we shall get to in a second.
So first up is the JUICY COUTURE MALIBU COLLECTION. I've personally not worked out the difference between the two of these yet?! Anybody else or am I just being completely dim-witted. Most likely the second option! Anyway, moving on.. I'm in a perfume hype at the moment, I'm loving all things to do with perfume and I'm on the hunt for a new spring/summer scent. As much as you guys know I love Britney Spears Fantasy, I'm widening my horizons and trying new ones. The bright colours of these immediately caught my eye, lord knows I love a good bit of neon. Now these smell fresh and fruity. Sound like spring/summer to you?! I thought so. I've never tried any perfumes from them before, however if you're a Juicy Couture fan then you'll probably need to pick this up. They both retail at £47 for 75ml and you can find them here.
This next offering is right up my street. It may be my favourite product out of the whole box. It comes in the form of a loose pigment in my eyes. That's the term I'd give this. However Glossybox have called it a shimmer powder. Like your shimmery shadows.. this one is for you ladies. Bellapierre Cosmetics heard of them?! Me neither. Now this is supposed to be a long lasting shadow which is vibrant, doesn't crease smear of fade. I can't really report back on this as of yet because I have a lot of new shadows to play with. It's kind of life Christmas for me at the moment. Hannmaree world is just full of new palettes. However, just by this swatch that you can see above it's a gorgeous neutral colour, a golden bronze. It's perfect for spring/summer. I think of wearing this even on it's own blending out with a bit of mascara and good to go. My only worry with this product is it may be like the Barry M dazzle dusts. Lord knows I love them, however they're so messy. You end up always without fail getting them on whatever your wearing on your bottom half. Be warned. This comes in at a total of £12.99 and you can find them here.
If you're sitting here thinking you've seen something like this before either in a Glossybox or on the shelves of Boots or Superdrug you would be correct. Tresemme have something very similar to this which I believe if I'm not mistaken is from their platinum strength line. It's exactly like this in the sense of it's a 60 second treatment shot, so basically you use the whole tube. They're affordable, and a great little booster for you hair. So what is this?! It's part of Dove's new hair line which is hair therapy 60 second treatment shot intensive repair as the title would suggest it's aimed at damaged hair, which hello is myself. Red hair, just screams damaged hair. So I've not yet tried this little tube of goodness, however I do like all the things it promises to do. It means if you've got to go out in a rush and hate faffing about in the shower with a hair mask you could just throw one of these on wait 60 seconds and you're done. There's no waiting for five ten minutes for it to work it's magic. It's great for you all ladies on the go, and love to dye or throw a little heat on to your hair. These little shots come in at £1.49 and you can find them here.
Okay so this next one is apparently a Glossybox Premiere so I'm assuming they mean the brand. I've not heard of this brand before. It's another body lotion. Now personally I'm getting a little tired of body lotions in my monthly box. Simply because I know what I like and it's normally what's in the box. This is a high end one for sure. Now it sounds nice when it's filled with English honey, organic cocoa, vitamin B5 and shea butter. Sounds great for your skin. So I was actually feeling quite excited about this until I opened it and put some on my arm to test. I really dislike the scent. To me it's far too floral and is borderline old granny smell. Not to offend anybody at all but I'm sure you'll know what I mean by that. I can't really get over how much I dislike the smell to use it. Some products I can but this is just a no no for me. It comes in at £36 and you can find it here.

The last and final product this month is Sleek Pout Polish. Now I think I've seen these before in the isles of Superdrug on more than one occasion. Basically when I'm just 'browsing' and that normally ends up with a basket full of things that I don't really need but are too pretty to say no to. Ladies, you know this happens more often that not. I was more thinking of these in the sense of Revlon lip butters so was slightly disappointed.. only slightly. However they come in the form of a typical lip balm... think nivea, body shop etc. The jar you get is pretty big on comparison. The colour looks stunning, hello it's orange good choice! You know me I'm obsessed with orange lip colours.. still. On the hand they swatch better than on the lips. However, I am thinking perhaps if the colour of my lips was muted out a little the orange tint would shine through a little more.. it's something I want to try anyway. They smell heavenly, they moisturise your lips really nicely and this is just something which I think is perfect for a no make up make up kind of day. These come in at £4.49 and you can find them here.
After my little ramblings about this months box I can say it's not as bad as I first thought. That's the trouble with these beauty boxes, at first glance some products can look pretty darn awful and completely put you off. I think they're getting there ever so slowly with the quality of what it used to be. Did you get this month's box?! Let me know your thoughts! I hope you like the layout of this post this month, it's more chatty and down to earth than feeding you specific information. I may continue in this style in the future if you prefer it to the norm. Hey what can I say it's good to change things up a little bit every now and then. I did that with my make up bag last night ;) Glossybox video will be up for you beauties Wednesday!

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