Thursday, 20 March 2014

update & what's to come.

'iya loves,
thought I'd give you two posts today rather than just the one. I think I'm finally back into the swing of this. I've been so bad with sticking to my routine as of lately. Life has just been getting in the way. However, I am back and extremely pleased! I got my new camera just a heads up for you guys. So if you're wondering what's with the quality change on my channel at the moment it's because of a backlog of videos. As soon as those are all up it'll be back to the newer quality which was seen in my February favourites! I've been enjoying filming chit chat get ready with me's which haven't yet gone live on my channel but I promise they'll be up soon. It's my way of talking to you guys whilst creating looks. It's a more relaxed version of a tutorial!
I ordered my Clarisonic a few days ago so I'm excited for it to turn up. I went with the Mia (first one) in the end. I decided I wanted something I could take with me when I'm not at home as it's not as bulky as the original. It's not got as many settings either which to be honest with you I most likely would not have used. Either way like I said in the last post where I was on about getting one I've become somewhat of a skincare freak lately. My obsessions this year have mainly been highlighters, brows, skincare and perfumes. Which brings me on to my next topic..
I may have also ordered a couple of palettes from Too Faced which you'll just have to wait and see until they feature on here, or on my channel as a haul. That's the one thing about being a blogger and youtuber, when you get new makeup you have to wait to use until you've photographed it. You don't wanna photograph for example a concealer that's all grubby after use. As these are online orders too, as you can imagine you have to wait until all parcels have turned up. Benefit may also be in this haul, highlighters perhaps some blushes, and brow products yes. Barry M recently have launched two new collections, their silk collection and aquarium, which I have both coming. They've also released three new pastel colours to add to their gelly hi-shine range which is the best formula I've used. It's my favourite and I will own all of them when they come. I think I may be a nail polish hoarder. Lastly, NYX... well I decided to order two palettes... perhaps a little addicted to my palettes especially nudes. I've also gone a tad OTT over the jumbo eye shadow pencils which make a great base. Then I couldn't resist some of their extreme lip creams. Excited is an understatement. I've also got a little obsessed with perfumes as of lately, more coming soon on those, but I've found some gems for the summer.
It was my neice Stacey's birthday on Sunday and also my big brother Tim's birthday. Then it'll be my brother in law's birthday next week followed by my niece Beth's the week after. I've got to get her birthday present which I've decided shall be the Monster High Wii game. She's obsessed with Monster High. Everything to do with it in fact. I have a feeling she'll be one happy girl when her birthday comes around. Let me know how your week is going!
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