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This months theme for the box is supposed to be sweet treats. To me the products that are in this months box don't really correlate with what the theme is. I find this often with products though. For example last months was spring inspired so a highlighter would have been perfect for that to give dewy fresh skin. This is going to my last box. For me this is as bad as January's box. I am not impressed whatsoever. Should the quality return to what it used to be I may return but until then I'm not going to continue paying for something which I'm no longer enjoying and end up throwing the products away because I have absolutely no use for them. Reading reviews just on Glossybox's Facebook page has told me there are a lot of people out there that are highly disappointed by this months box. Not only that they've just received the same reply as everyone else. I'm not entirely happy with the service I received.
First up is TRESEMME INSTANT REFRESH DRY SHAMPOO. My thoughts?! I personally hate this dry shampoo. For me it does absolutely nothing to my hair and leaves a white cast which is impossible to get out of your hair. It doesn't refresh at all. I love Batiste that is my favourite brand for dry shampoo, it works, smells great and is a staple for me. This I thought I'd like due to loving their hairsprays and heat protectants. This just does nothing for me. This is the travel size which to me seems ridiculous. You can pick this up in Boots or Superdrug for £2.50 give or take. Another product that you could easily pick up yourself. I'd have not expected to have received this, or I'd have at least expected to see the full size. I won't be using this and no doubt will end up throwing it away unless my sister wants it! You can find it here.
MONU SPA WARMING GINGER MASSAGE & BODY OIL. Another disappointment for me personally. If I honestly counted up all the Monu samples I receive and the feedback that I've given saying I don't wish to receive anymore yet I still end up receiving them I'd be rich. I don't necessarily dislike Monu, however their products are not really something I'm all that interested in. This is heavily scented, now not really being a fan of ginger is already a problem. Because my skin is sensitive I wouldn't want to put this in my bath. I don't like the scent at all, and wouldn't want a bath smelling of this. To me this is a complete waste as I will not be using it. Body oils if I were going to use I'd get something aimed at sensitive skin which is not so heavily scented. Another let down for me. The full size is £25 and you can find it here.
HE-SHI PROFESSIONAL TANNING FACE & BODY GEL. I personally have no use for this product. I have nothing against fake tanners nor people who use them. I prefer a gradual tanner for myself if I am going to use it which is rare at the best of times. Simply because I think it looks more natural. I would never apply fake tan to my face as I have sensitive skin. My main issue with this is if you read the little card you get with all the products listed and info etc it says applied best with a tanning mitt. Now for first time users they more than likely aren't going to have a tanning mitt. It seems silly to me to add a product in without the mitt as you're not going to get a decent application, which could lead to streaky tan. Not a good look aye ladies! This is the travel size and is £7.95 for 50ml, find it here.
EMITE MAKE UP LIP BRUSH - L312. Having received two Emite products before and not being thrilled with them I didn't have much hope for this product. To me this looks like an eyeliner/eye shadow brush. Definitely not something you'd use to apply lip colour. To me this is too big to be working with colour and get a precise defined lip. I put this to the test before filming the video for this months box. I was not surprised at all. It was so difficult to get a smooth line from this brush where it's such an odd shape. I don't really understand the concept behind the brush. The only good thing is the wideness of this brush helps to apply colour quickly to the middle of your lips. I won't throw this brush out but I will probably only use it for eye shadow, lip colour just doesn't work at all for me. Now this retails for £17 and you can find it here.

MEMEME COSMETICS BEAT THE BLUES - PEARL PINK. I initially have no problem with the brand MEMEME they are a drugstore brand so are obviously affordable. This initially caught my eye as a dupe for Benefit's High Beam it is honestly so similar. It's cray. As you can see in the first swatch it looks pigmented. Blended out though it's not visible unless the sun is shining on your face. Literally, if you want a subtle highlight this is probably for you. I think it's a good highlight if I'm looking to tone things down a little bit and just have a natural glow. I'm wearing it in my monthly Glossybox video. This retails for £5.50 and you can find it here.
So overall I'm not impressed there's one product I will use, three that I definetly won't and one that I just don't know what to do with. To say this box was rubbish was an understatement. I am disappointed and will not be renewing my subscription unless something drastically changes. Reviews, and beauty profiles in my eyes don't come into consideration when deciding what products to send out. Nothing is personalised at all, and as for luxury products that doesn't seem to happen at all at the moment. It's little samples you can find in the drugstore for a couple of pounds or free. If you liked your box then I am happy for you! If you didn't then I feel ya ladies! If you have any suggestions as to what are good beauty boxes out there then let me know!

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