Tuesday, 29 April 2014


'iya loves,
My beginning of the year massive haulage was when I purchased this baby. This comes in two shades brunette and blonde. I have the brunette shade. Now this bronzer has three different shades to it so if you really wanted you could go for a more subtle look or a more defined bold look. What I like to do with this though is swirl a brush in it and mix all three together to warm up my face. If I am going to contour and use this same bronzer I dip my brush in the darker shade (normally a smaller brush) to add some depth to my face. It works well as both which is great because it means if you're travelling you don't need to have two bronzers with you. It gives you a sun kissed look. Now to me this bronzer isn't completely matte but it's not glittery and shimmery. It has a bit of a sheen but it's nothing cray. It's nothing disco ball like either. It does have an odd scent almost like grandma perfume ha! If you know what I mean if you've got these then you get me! It's pigmented so be careful don't be too heavy handed otherwise things may get a little orange and muddy. It comes in at £5.99 and you can find it here.


  1. I was gunna buy this the other day but didn't! and now wish I had xx

    1. It's a great drugstore bronzer, giving you three different colours to work with! x


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