Monday, 28 April 2014


'iya loves,

printed trousers from Matalan* tee and cami Matalan* Gilet & Flip Flops - New Look
If you've seen yesterdays video then you'll have seen these in my spring haul. I'm so glad I picked these up. Normally these are completely out of my comfort zone because they're printed. Especially the purple daisy ones. However I think they're my favourite pair. The black and white ones are more simple and 'less in your face' than the daisy ones. I thought these would be great for either on holiday.. I've been using that excuse for every item of clothing I've bought recently! But honestly, they would be great! They are also great for days when you want to look put together, because as you can see in the top photo you can dress them down or bottom photo, dress them up. I really have come to love these types of trousers. It's a nice change from leggings and jeans. Not only that they are more fun than your typical standard linen trousers. For me they're a definite must have in any girls wardrobe!

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