Monday, 12 May 2014


'iya loves,

A skincare routine is so important to get down and find products that really work for your skin. After never using an eye cream I converted back in February. Now there's tons out there on the market but seeing as I didn't really know much about it I decided to go for one that's simple, hydrating and does the job. This does just that. This was purchased on one of my trips to Bluewater where I actually managed to control myself in Boots and not go overboard. It was a very proud moment ladies. Normally the 3 for 2's just draw me in every time and before I know I'm looking at like £50+ worth of goodies. There's nothing fancy in this eye cream so this would be a great one for if you've got a sensitive eye area. I have sensitive skin in general so this is a great one for me. Sometimes my under eyes can look a little dull, so this eye cream really helps to moisturise and keep everything look fresh and healthy. I use this of a night, I don't bother in the mornings because I find it can make your foundation and concealer slip and slide. That's definitely not a good look ladies. Bare in mind I've been using this for three months now, I've not had any breakouts, no skin irritation it's been lovely. It looks like a tiny tube but honestly this will last you ages.. I'm not even halfway through mine yet. You need the tiniest amount as with any eye cream. It comes in at £8.99 which is still affordable to me. It's available from Boots so it's a good drugstore basic for any of you starting out with an eye cream like I was or just looking for something simple with no frills. Find it here.

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