Wednesday, 7 May 2014


'iya loves,
things have been quite quiet on the front this week. Apologies for that there's been lots of stress happening in my life at the minute, not only that I've been working pretty much all the time! I should have my April favourites up for you all today if not then we'll go for Thursday! I'm super slacking at the moment but things are just a little tough at the minute. Same with beauty posts on here. Bare with me. I don't just want to throw up a post so I've posted. I'll probably start again next Monday!
My skin has been awful. I think I'm still going through the purging stage with the Clarisonic but I've got dry patches round my nose which are really bugging me. I can do with little bumps on my face but dry patches are just a no. Still I'm going to power on and see what I can do in the way of masks and moisturisers to try and sort this dry skin problem out.
I've also been on a health kick as of lately, drinking lots of water and eating lots of salads. I'm on a salad hype, not too sure why but hey, I'm enjoying it ;)
Dress - Primark Leggings - New Look Boots -  Matalan*
This is the ultimate lazy throw on and go outfit. I've been a little obsessed with this jersey dress that I picked up in Primark about a week ago. I did my last bit of holiday clothes shopping and I spotted this and thought I needed it. I'm not sure if I'm actually going to wear it on holiday, I might wear it in the car on the way there we'll see. It's really slouchy and loose. It looks great with leggings.. even tucked into shorts. It's fun experimenting with pieces like that.
Now I absolutely love how this make up look turned out. This was using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Oh my goodness it's stunning and smells delicious. I used candied violet all over the lid and honestly that colour is just so beautiful. Tutorial for that will be coming soon. I'm getting a nice back log of videos as I'm extremely busy this month and plus I'm on a holiday at the end of the month. I will try to upload before I go, so they will just go live whilst I'm on holiday! If you don't own this palette go get it!
I hope you're having a lovely week and I shall be back on Monday!


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