Wednesday, 23 July 2014


'iya loves,

as promised continuing with the holiday posts! Better late than never but I've got some adorable pictures of the girls to share! Now the Sunday... we we're supposed to be going to Blackgang Chine however this was the day I was really not well. I felt so unwell, had a mini meltdown in the morning, soaked up some sun and chilled with a book. It was really hot on this day and I decided I was gonna chill with Breaking Dawn Part 2 and lay on the sofa, I ended up falling asleep as well which I think is what I needed. I still managed to get some pictures of the girls in the morning before they went out. I was gutted though that I missed this day out cos I love Blackgang it's so much fun! If you guys haven't been it's something I'd recommend if you're going on holiday to the Isle of Wight! 


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