Monday, 21 July 2014


'iya loves,

This quad is something I picked up on a whim back in January when I did a massive Boots order. I don't own any Maybelline quad's so I didn't know what the quality or anything was going to be like. I'm surprised. The quality is good considering it's drugstore shadows. Some of them I find to be really powdery and chalky plus difficult to blend. These shadows go on nicely, blend quite easily too. Although I wouldn't necessarily compare them to Urban Decay's shadows they're brilliant from the drugstore. Shadows are something I normally opt for high end now because the quality, pigmentation and longevity is so much better I find. I have some little gems from the drugstore in my collection however and this one is one of them. Gorgeous highlight shade although it does look quite glittery on the swatch. You've then got a gorgeous gold which reminds me slightly of half baked from the naked palette. A gorgeous copper and then a gorgeous red toned brown. All blend together beautifully and create a gorgeous eye look. I'd recommend this palette if you're looking for these types of colours, especially for summer!
find this palette here for £6.99.


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