Monday, 21 July 2014


'iya loves,

Dress: Primark
Kimono: Matalan

So as you may be aware I'm currently having a love affair with anything floral printed and a lot of colour. Pastel or neon at the moment I'm not too fussed. Just colour in general. Honestly, to say I'm obsessed doesn't quite cover it. I'm first off obsessed with that floral kimono. I had my eyes on it for weeks before I caved and bought it. The print first off.. yes it's floral.. I remember back to the time when I used to hate floral.. I think that ship sailed long ago.. It's also pastel.. therefore I decided that I simply needed it in my life and would look great with lots of outfits. Kimonos, blazers, jackets in general are another fashion obsession of mine at the moment. Getting quite out of hand as you can see. Anyway, the dress I'm wearing I saw this in Primark and thought that's gorgeous I need it. It's a swing dress, so it's so flattering on and nice and flowy. It's not going to hug you especially when it's really hot and you feel like you're melting. I'm shocked at how much I fell in love with this piece. If they did it in different colours I'd be all over that. Is colour and floral your thing this season?!


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