Wednesday, 9 July 2014


'iya loves,

I always complain about how applying body butter is such a faff after getting out the shower or the bath. You have to stand there getting cold whilst you moisturise your body and then have to stand there even longer whilst it sinks in. Otherwise it leaves a sticky feeling and sticks to your clothes. It's basically a nightmare. Vaseline however have come up with a genius product which I couldn't love more! It's their spray and go moisturiser which literally does as it says. You spray it on to your body, rub it in and your good to go. You can get dressed straight away. You're not left with a sticky feeling and your body stays moisturised all day. I've only tried the cocoa radiant one because well you know me and my scents. I have an obsession and I'm obsessed with this bad boy! I have a new one in the cupboard ready for when this one runs out! I don't have much left either. If any of you ladies hate moisturising then try this product it's a life safer! You'll be thanking me for recommending it! This is a holy grail product for me especially when I just can't be bothered or I'm too tired. You can find it here.


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