Saturday, 26 July 2014


'iya loves,

wow, what a hectic and manic week it's been. I've been off work since Tuesday dealing with painful headaches that have made me literally want to lay in bed and sleep majority of the time. Finally managed to get a Dr's appointment yesterday and hopefully things are on the up. I was able to come in today to do a morning shift which is good because I have missed work. There's nothing worse than being really fed up because you're in pain but you actually just want to go work. I knew it would make me worse though! Typical, new job and new illness. Ah my life. Anyway's I have some really exciting videos coming up for you guys including a make up collection video as I got new storage last weekend. Excited much?! I was really happy to finally give my collection some breathing space because what I was originally working with wasn't working! Not too expensive either but more details when the video goes up! I hope you guys have had a lovely week, it's been a hot, humid, muggy mess of a week here! Below are my two latest videos, enjoy and I'll talk to you Monday!

Boots Haul!

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Tutorial!


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