Monday, 4 August 2014


'iya loves,

Ladies, I've been raving about this product on my channel for well over a year! Basically I had a horrible disaster with hairspray.. and it irritated my chin and lead to a reaction. I tried this in order to calm the horrible monsters on my chin oh boy did it work wonders. I always use this product when I feel a spot coming, it's a massive one that won't go away or it's one of those red ones that just set up camp on your face. We've been there, no amount of concealer or foundation will cover that bad boy up. This really does up. Best of all you can apply this under or on top of make up as it dries clear it's wonderful! you can apply this as often as you like as well which is flipping amazing. I love Clean & Clear products period. They're one of my favourite skincare brands. I don't think I've tried something from them that I've not liked. Their products are honestly that good on my skin. I have sensitive skin so I find it really hard to find good skincare products from brands in the drug store that don't break me out. This is like a little miracle worker and I actually really enjoy using their other advantage products in the line. I believe other products have already featured on here from that line but seriously guys they're flipping amazing. I'd recommend if you often struggle finding things that actually work. Paired with LUSH's grease lightening it's like a dream team working on those monsters on your face. Honestly it's a great combo! You can find this nifty little product here.
Have you guys tried anything from this line or Clean & Clear in general?!


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