Monday, 4 August 2014


'iya loves,

Pjs: Primark

Today's outfit post has taken a more chilled look! I was so excited when I saw these in Primark I had to share them with you's! Now we all know how much I love going into Primark and honestly when I saw them I was just like I need these in my life now. For any of you more Elmo fans they have the Elmo top as well! Great thing about this top is on the back it says 'nom nom nom' and has cookies on them. These are so comfortable for those lazy days where you cannot be bothered with the world. If you want these in your life they should still have them in there I got them a couple of weeks ago!

Seeing as I've been dealing with painful headaches lately I wanted to cheer myself up with some gorgeous flowers. Purchased from Asda as two separate bouquets, and they're still going strong in my room 10+ days later :)

Gorgeous right?! Every girl loves some flowers and I just couldn't resist! 
Have a lovely Monday beautifuls!


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