Friday, 15 August 2014


'iya loves,

okay so day five would be the Wednesday and we went to Amazon world. First off we actually stopped it off at Matalan I believe. We went there 3 times whilst on holiday! Anyway Amazon World is a really great place and somewhere I'd recommend to any animal lovers or anybody with children. All four girlies loved it. The only bad thing was it started raining when we got to the outside bit.. but then it did eventually end up brightening up in the afternoon. They have sloths there guys. Honestly I could so be one of them the move so slowly and spend most of their time sleeping. I tried so hard to get a picture of one of the sloths which was carrying a bubba one on it's tummy. It was so cute honestly guys. I think I may have got it in my vlog not too sure, but it's up over on my channel. Amazon World also has penguins.. I know right how exciting. Unfortunately I didn't get many great pictures simply because a lot of them we're in the pool and didn't want to be photographed.. how rude..! I ended up getting my dad in one of the shots though! Same with the lemurs, you can go into this little section and walk round with the lemurs but only one wanted to show his face due to it raining :(! Last time I went there was about four of them out! It was a really good day! In the afternoon most of us went to the watermill however I didn't want to go in. I thought it was quite pricey for what it was and I also wasn't feeling too good either. So I stayed outside for that part. We went back home and me and Jase babysat the girls for Vic and Matt as they were going out to dinner with a couple of their friends who were also on holiday there! The girls surprisingly we're really good and acted like angels as they always do haha! My dad got some really good photos of me reading all four of them a story snuggled up under the blanket with Jase. I love them pictures so much! I believe I was on the wine that night too haha!

I either want a pet sloth or I would like to be one :]

Not too sure why but I find this really amusing!

to say these were noisy would be an understatement! My god they're loud birds!

I also want a pet tortoise I think they're so cute!

I promise there's a red panda in there. It was hiding though :c

The only lemur that wanted to come out in the rain as well!

I was super impressed I managed to get my dad in this shot with the penguin! as I said most of them we're in their water pool!

Aren't these just super pretty, anyone reminded of Rio?!

I loved this little guy!

I bought Jase a Red Panda because he's obsessed with them :')

Love this pic :)

Not too sure what they we're doing but they looked really cute from our caravan window haha!

Words cannot explain how much I love these four little monsters. They're my world and they all brighten up my day. One of my favourite photos taken on holiday! 

Mid story, was reading the tiger who came to tea. I used to love that book when I was their age!

I love this one too!

So that's the end of day five! Day six will be here next Friday which will be the Isle of Wight Zoo! :)


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