Friday, 8 August 2014


'iya loves,

so day four in the Isle of Wight series. Where did we go?! We went to The Needles, Alum Bay! Basically it's where you can make the ornaments with all the funky coloured sands, they have a glass making shop, chocolate/sweet making shop and tons of arcade things to do plus teacups! Yes it was a really fun day out and I always love going there. I got three elephants there. Oops.. Addict. Chair left was also fun too! If you're wary of heights perhaps not for you but the view is incredible! If you get a chance honestly do it! The view itself is so worth it! It was quite cold once we got down to the beach I'll have to admit! Was very breezy, but other than that it was a really lovely day! Plus we managed to get a really nice family photo for my dad as he didn't come down to the beach with us! We chose some gentleman who had a similar camera to me as we thought he'd know what he was doing haha! 

Bub's was laughing so much and wanting Vicki to go faster!

Girlies had a giggle fit on the teacups ;)

Brother looked like he was gonna make Stacey throw up due to the teacups spinning so fast!

anyone else love the beach?! throwing pebbles into the sea is a given!

The Needles in the distance, gorgeous view.

Fia insisted of a picture with Daddy! What a cute picture!

Love this one so much! So rare to get a picture of all five of them :]

Again so rare to get us all together, with The Needles in the distance for my Dad!

Love this one it's so cute of Chris and Stacey!

View from the bottom, Chris and Stacey are in front!

On the Chairlift :]

Dad was filming us all, so I decided to take a pic of him filming us ;)

Hi Bruv!

Hi guys! Stacey Looks so happy bless her :]

No idea what these two we're doing!

Boo being herself ;)

Stay tuned for day 5 next week! 


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  1. You have such lovely hair colour!!!


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