Friday, 1 August 2014


'iya loves,

Day three.. Monday we went to the Isle of Wight steam railway. It was a gloomy rainy day and pretty much was raining on and off all day so we we're limited as to where we went. We went on the steam train I think at least twice maybe three times. The girls loved it especially Fia she loves trains! There's a mini play park there too which the girls loved playing in and also there were birds there that you could hold. The girls all had a turn a part from Fia who decided she didn't want to when it reached her turn. It was a good day actually and it was the third time I'd been there. Unlimited travel on the steam trains all day, the only downside was that it was rather cold all day! Either way the girls all had fun and really enjoyed themselves. I was feeling slightly better than I had since we'd arrived so that was also a bonus. When it came to the picnic there was a pack of Maryland cookies which Jason managed to eat the whole packet as they we're staring at him! As usual pictures to follow!

day four coming next week! I'm really enjoying doing these posts! 
Let me know if you've been to the Isle of Wight!


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