Friday, 1 August 2014


'iya loves,

This huge bath bomb came out for valentines day and is called 'love locket'. The idea of this bath bomb is it has another smaller love heart bath bomb inside. This one was the best part of £7 which is more expensive than their normal bath bombs. That's one expensive bath. However it is a great bath bomb. The smell of this bath bomb is gorgeous. It's a gorgeous floral scent however again the comforter actually reminds me of refreshers. I remember when I purchased this the lady advised me to cut this bath bomb up and I'd get three baths out of it. Me being greedy did not do that and used the whole thing in one. It fizzed really quickly and within seconds was fizzing and foaming a gorgeous pink colour in the tub. The heart confetti floated around the bath which I really loved. I love bath bombs that release confetti they're so fun! If they release this again for valentines day next year I will defiantly buy another as I enjoyed this one so much.
Did you get a chance to try this one?!



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