Thursday, 7 August 2014


'iya loves,

You know what guys when I first saw the adverts for this mascara I was like oh my god I need this. Being that it's an add on to their Falsies mascara.. We all know my thoughts and love for that, it's my favourite of all time. This one though I seem to have a bit of a love hate relationship with. It's two brushes, so you've got one for your top lashes and one for your bottom. Don't get me wrong I love that. The bottom brush is amazing for getting those lashes without making it look like you've cried and cried. Anyone else have that problem with applying mascara to lower lashes? I normally have to go in with a cotton bud to clean up the mess I've made :') Now the brush for the top lashes, it's okay. I'm not normally a fan of these types of brushes. To be honest I don't feel it lives up to the standards or Maybelline's best selling mascaras. It's good, it volumises and lengthens however gives a more natural look than I like. As you know I compare any new mascara to the Falsies, so I was expecting amazing things from this mascara. I'm still not 100% sure on my thought's some days I love it and some days I hate it. It's kinda like a marmite relationship ;) If you like the more natural look though you'd probably really enjoy and like this mascara. Don't get me wrong it's a good mascara, I'm just super picky when it comes to mascaras! Find it here.
Do you like this one?!


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