Monday, 11 August 2014


'iya loves,

If you've seen my July Favourites you'll know how much I raved and raved about how each and every one of you if you don't own this product need it asap. This is Nivea's body moisturiser only.. it's got a difference.. you can use it in the shower.. already mind blown. It acts like a conditioner for your body which blew my mind even more. When I first tried this I was like is this really going to work?! It does, it leaves your skin feeling so moisturised all day, even if you shower at night. I love this stuff. I'd been meaning to try it for ages however every time I saw it, I always put off buying it. I got the one for dry skin as I'm currently on a mad obsession for moisturising. It contains almond oil which is super good for you skin. Now the scent isn't something overly displeasing however it is the typical Nivea scent so if you like that or don't mind it then you'll get on just fine with this. If you're not too keen on the scent try to overlook it because honestly it's such a great product. Sadly mine is nearly all gone so I need to pick a new one up asap, because it takes the time out of applying body buttter. You can just get dry and throw clothes on straight away and your body still feels moisturised and nourished it's fantastic! This has become one of my holy grails along side the Vaseline spray & go! Find it here.
have you tried this product?!


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