Saturday, 16 August 2014


'iya loves,

What a week! I cannot wait until next friday I've got a four day weekend! I've been working solidly for the past three weeks nearly I'm well and truly feeling like a zombie. My laptop had a heart attack beginning of this week. Turns out was just dust build up hence why the fan wasn't working. I'm seriously having no luck with anything at the moment. My ipod met with water a huge accident. Safe to say it now doesn't work haha. My fan also broke this year as did my TV so I think that's my lot for the moment! 

I'm currently on some painkillers which I'm testing out for a month to see if they help my headaches.. safe to say they're not working. However the side affects are drowsiness.. honestly guys it doesn't matter how much sleep I get every night I still wake up as tired. Constantly napping it's not great. Dr's appointment in two weeks time and got to wait until the end of October for my hospital appointment. (earliest one they had). Amazingly as I'm typing this I don't have a headache that must be some type of miracle! 

I made brownies yesterday with my Keira. She's come to stay for the weekend, as it's her turn. However I'm currently not at home. I thought making brownies would make up for that :) Needless to say I'm working tomorrow too! Next Saturday I'm off to Howletts with Stacey and Fia! I am so excited I actually want to adopt an elephant. Howletts have a bubba elephant there, I am so excited. Camera will be coming with so expect a blog post, possibly a vlog too. I've not been there in years, but seriously guys I love that place. Then the following week we're off to Ashdown Forest, the place where the Winnie The Pooh stories we're based from. You can actually visit the bridge and play Pooh Sticks. As if that's not exciting. Yes I'm still obsessed with Winnie The Pooh at 22! The girls are all coming with and they're going to be so excited. I'm most excited about the gift shop. You guys know me, anything Disney I love, and Winnie The Pooh, well I'm still obsessed, I'll be in my element. Again, camera will be coming with, and I'll try to vlog. Then the following Saturday we're off to see my brother Tim and sister in law Kate. We've got him a couple of elephants for his birthday. We couldn't go earlier on in the year, so they're belated :') So not encouraging his obsession!

Anyway, last Sunday I uploaded my make up collection, I hope if you've seen the video you enjoyed it. If you've not seen it yet then I'll link it below. I don't have the biggest make up collection but I definitely don't have the smallest and certainly have more than I actually need and probably use.. I'm an addict! I don't know about you but when I watch videos and they say you need to get this in your life.. I'm instantly like YES! It goes on my wishlist and well you know the rest, a haul pops up sooner or later. 

I hope you've all had a good week, and I'll speak to you soon beautifuls!



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