Tuesday, 16 September 2014


'iya loves,

Holy Grail Alert! Right off the bat yes this product is that good. Can I just say I purchased this back in February/March and I've not looked back. I used to always use the ELF clear brow gel, and that was always my go to. If you've been following me for a while you'll remember me raving and using that. Now in most tutorials it's this little baby that I reach for. Unless I'm switching it up, but no joke, everyday I reach for this and if for some reason I don't my brows feel naked. Now this isn't just a clear brow gel. It's a tinted brow gel. The good thing about this is you can use it over the top of a brow pencil/brow wax/powder or you can use it by itself. If you miss any spots then this gel will fill in those spots. Using this baby by itself gives a super natural look to the brows when you're having one of them no make up make up kinda days. This product has little fibres in the gel so it actually gives the appearance of thicker and fuller brows which why I love this so much. My brows aren't by no means sparse but they do sometimes need help to look a tad more natural if I'm in a rush and overdone the pencil/powder. I'm sure you ladies get me on that one. This stays in place all day, my brows look good all day! They go no where! I absolutely love this stuff and I will be repurchasing. I know it's a bit on the pricey side for a brow gel but it's worth it especially for any ladies with sparse brows. This really gives the appearance of hairs, so makes your brows look so much more natural. The brush itself is much smaller than any brush I've used with a brow gel before. The good thing about this is it allows you to really define your brows especially if you're just using this product on it's own. If you feel like you need this in your life, because I know I'm an enabler myself then you can find this beautiful product here.


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