Friday, 12 September 2014


'iya loves,

I'm a massive SATC (sex and the city) fan. I love it, I can watch the episodes over and over without getting bored. Carrie just speaks so much sense haha! I was stumbling across some SATC quotes last night and one was quite appropriate for my life right now. You know when a phrase/saying just fits your life at that specific time. It was one of those moments.. I wanted to blog about it last night but honestly my eyes were so sore and I'd have had to stick matchsticks in my eyes to keep them open. I feel like that's happening again tonight.. done my skincare routine and my body's like girl get to bed.. I'm having a late one.. got lots to do yet my eyes are like.. we're going to make you sleep. The struggle is real.

How true is this quote honestly ladies?! There's no telling that in every girls life, hideous decisions and mistakes are made.. if only was something to erase them it would make life so much easier. I guess though, as the saying goes.. you learn from your mistakes. At least that's what they say - doesn't normally work like that! I can count multiple times I've made bad decisions over and over and over. But who's with me on this?! It's like our head knows it's probably going to be a bad idea.. however I feel like because we know it's a bad idea we do it anyway. 

I'd like to think that all bad memories/mistakes shape who you are.. not 100% sure how accurate that is! Teenage years I feel are a difficult time for a girl especially.. trying to figure out who you are, what you want, what you want to do etc. Trust me once you venture into your twenties it gets no easier! The reason why I wanted to write this last night was because it really was one of them days I just wish I hadn't of got up. It was a bad day from start to finish. You know when you wake up and feel like you're gonna have a melt down straight away? That's what yesterday was like. I had one of the worst headaches I've had for a long time.. literally threw my hair up on top of my head dragged my sorry ass out of bed, and went to the joyful place of Asda, for a food shop. Can we just talk about how I have no patience for that place.. like really they're moving and working on the shop whilst it's still open. So the frozen stuff is currently in two areas.. workmen area I swear there's a law against that haha! What really gets me going though is people pushing a trolley, not looking where they're going then just randomly stop. They don't even acknowledge that they've stopped, and just stand there. Or better yet have a conversation with somebody and block the way completely. Yesterday, I was browsing at the candles, they've got the autumn/winter ones in now ladies.. smell so good.. apple and cinnamon yes! Anyway, trying to get down the rest of the isle, there's this little old lady bless her doing a 360 turn with the trolley not knowing what she's doing or where she's going. Bare in mind head is pounding and feeling quite sick I had no patience.. Do you have them days where everything and everyone infuriates you?!

I got to the evening and was just like nope, can't handle this and pretty much had a melt down! The worst is when you've done your make up and like nope girl I'm not ruining this now I'll ruin it later! I was going to dig into a tub of Ben & Jerrys and drown my sorrows. Instead I made the most heavenly bath.. half a bar of creamy candy, little bit of the comforter and snow fairy. It was heaven. I loved it. My eyes we're so sore though, and they feel really sore tonight not too sure what's happening there! If you ladies like candy scents then try that concoction it's heavenly. 

I plan to spend the rest of my evening catching up on some Geordie Shore! It's one of my guilty pleasures! Anyone else love a bit of Geordie Shore?!


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