Friday, 5 September 2014


'iya loves,

Day Seven was the day we went back to BlackGang or in my case it was my 1st visit! It was pretty rubbish weather that morning but it did start to warm up towards the afternoon which was good. It wasn't too hot though. There's a lot of walking involved as there is lots to do and see. The girls didn't go round the whole of the park the Sunday they went. You buy a ticket for the day and get to go back as many times as you want within that week period which is great! Definitely get your money's worth! I passed on going on the roller-coaster this time round but I did go on the barrels and water ride. Keira and Boo spent most of their time that afternoon either on the roller-coaster or on the water ride. Fia, ended up finding elephant squirters where should could spray monkeys, boats and whatever else she could reach.. she ended up getting not only me, but other people soaking and she thought it was hilarious bless her. FYI they do the best bubblegum ice cream there.. no lie, it's amazeballs. After we finished at BlackGang me, Jase, mum and dad went to Compton bay, which is a lovely beach to walk along especially when the tide is out. Got some real nice pic's from there which I'm really happy with. The last time we went to Isle of Wight we went to Compton Bay pretty much every night. We then finished the evening off with a nice meal out and a couple of drinks! 

Boo being Boo.. 

This look suits Keira & Stacey! Fia refused to join in lol!

Such a cheeky grin!

Chris thought he moved out the way for this picture, fact I got him in it is the best part of it!

Fia's little face! Seriously they we're all on and off this horse for about ten minutes!

Stace & Cakes - Do love this one of them two together!

I don't think Fia was somehow wanting this picture to be taken!

Oh it's a stroppy face from Fia, Cakes is looking half asleep as is Stace.. It's so difficult to get a pic where they are all looking.. It's like celebratory dance when we do finally get one!

Bit of a bonding sesh for Chris & Fia.

Things got pretty competitive! 

My point with the whole you never get them all looking :)

I know this pic is half blury, I ended up taking a video in the end because it was so difficult to get a good pic! Towards the end of the ride, they both said 'when it's going to be over' 

Oldest Girlies!

Shell & Stacey

Cakes & Boo

Cakes was desperate to see if she could fit in the smallest one!

Fia & Chris spent about 10-15 mins in here laughing and giggling!

 Such a cheeky smile!

The best ones are where they're mid laughing!

I think she was mid sentence threatening to shot Chris at this point!

Same with Jase here!

Hi Girlies!

New dinosaur bit they've added in. Ended up vlogging this bit as it was so much easier than trying to get photos!


Called Cakes a weirdo for this pic lol!

This was the elephant squirter I was in about.. the elephants actually facing Fia squirt water!

So that's all for day Seven. The last day will be up next Friday! 



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