Monday, 22 September 2014


'iya loves,

Twilight is a bath bomb from lush which is a nice pale lavender/lilac colour. Believe it or not this is one I've not tried before. If you've seen my recent LUSH haul you'll remember this being in it. Oh my goodness this has become one of my favourites. It's a great calming one to use for bed time. It's so relaxing, with scents of lavender, benzoin, tonka and even ylang ylang oil. It's the perfect mix to give you that soothing relaxing bath after a long day, to clear your mind and really help you relax. It makes your skin feel so good! I love the colour the bath turns. It releases a gorgeous blue, almost pinky colour and leaves the bath a stunning shade of purple. Anyone on the look out for their new bath time treat this could be for you!
Find it here.


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