Wednesday, 3 September 2014


'iya loves,

Just before I start this post, I wanna say a massive happy birthday to my beautiful little cheeky monkey Fia. I cannot believe she's 4 today, it's gone so quickly. This time next year she will be starting school. She's going to be over the moon with all her My Little Pony goodies. ♡


This is by no surprise another one of my absolute faves from Sleek Cosmetics. Oh my goodness they're trios first off are such a bargain. I would recommend this to anyone starting out in make up who's looking for some good quality blushes. This one has two shimmer blushes and a cream blush. Cream blushers are something I'm just getting into, but this one in the palette is called macaroon and it's a gorgeous dusky rose pink. Applied lightly to the apples of the cheeks or slightly heavier, blended out it looks gorgeous either way. Cream blush offers a more natural look and it so quick and easy especially in the summer if you're wanting to wear as little as possible on your face. Pink mint is a gorgeous light pink with gold shimmer running through it. It reminds me a tiny bit of rose gold again by sleek, and it's been my most used colour from the palette. I used it without fail everyday when I was on holiday and for most of this summer. It's such a stunning go to everyday colour. Icing sugar is a more intense coral with undertones of gold shimmer. It's gorgeous on it's own but I layered this over pink mint and loved the look of it. It gives a really pretty flush to the cheeks. This is one of their newest blush by 3's to come out and of course I just had to get it. As soon as I discovered my obsession with these colours I just had to share them with all of you! 
have you tried this one?
find it here.



  1. I love Sleek blushes but I haven't tried these yet!! They look lovely!

    1. This is possibly my favourite blush by 3 from Sleek, it's so natural looking and you can build the colour!

  2. I've wanted this palette for ages but every time I call into Superdrug it's sold out :( I guess I should really just order it online, I've tried the single blushes (rose gold is a particular favourite) and I adore their eyeshadow palettes - such good quality and they dont cost the earth :)

    1. Rose gold is just an amazing colour hands down. If you love that blush this palette is for you. I ordered them online due to always being out of stock in store! You won't regret it :)


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