Friday, 24 October 2014


'iya loves,

So when I was younger we used to go to Ashdown Forest. We've been there a few times. If you've never heard of it or are thinking what the hell, it's basically a woods where A.A.Milne got his inspiration for the Winnie The Pooh stories. We thought the girls would absolutely love to go so we made it a fun day out for them. They've got the pooh sticks bridge there which basically whichever way the river is flowing, you drop the stick in one side run over the to the over side and see who's comes out first. The girls had literally so much fun doing this. We had all four with us as well. We had Stacey for the day and she really enjoyed playing with the other three. We walked a different way to what I remembered from going there previously. They had would looked liked to be Eeyore's house which was of course so CUTE! Further up from the bridge there was a tree with bits of paper and jars of honey. Me and Matt stood there trying to figure out what that was all about, walked round to the other side and there was a door on the other side. Winnie The Pooh's house. So cute. I was amazed, my mind was blown. Of course I got pictures. If you saw the vlog that went up you'll have seen them, but I'll leave it down below for you guys if you haven't. I'm still a massive Winnie the Pooh fan so of course I had to go in the gift shop as well. Seriously it's just full to the brim of Winnie The Pooh goodies. I got a little quote plaque, you've probably seen it in the background of some on my videos but I'll post that down below too! 



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