Wednesday, 22 October 2014


'iya loves,

I am a particular fan of Clean & Clear's blackhead clearing line simply because I have little stubborn ones on my nose. I love the idea of a 2 in 1 mask. It's a great little idea if you don't want to to do the whole faff of a complete mask! You know the sitting and waiting for 20-30 mins however long you long to wait. This one is literally between 2-5 mins. Now you can put this all over but it does recommend just your t-zone. I find that's where my problem areas are when it comes to blackheads anyway. This has a cooling affect to it as well which I really enjoy, it feels really refreshing. My skin feels tightened after using this as a mask as well as cleaner and definitely softer. As a wash it aims to clear blackheads and lifts away dirt and impurities. I've used this with my clarisonic and like it that way as well as just using it with my hands. Since having a clarisonic, if I just cleanse using my hands honestly I don't feel like my face is clean enough haha, I know problems right! Let me know if you've tried this product.. you can find it here.


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