Friday, 10 October 2014


'iya loves,


ELF is one of them brands I feel like some people don't know whether to go crazy or just buy one or two things because it is so cheap. Where it's one of those brands that is so cheap it can sometimes be hit or miss. There's only a few things that I don't like from ELF. Their moisturising lipsticks I really really like. Given the name, they're really moisturising, which I like but no to the point you find yourself applying half the tube in one go! I like the colour pay off, they're not intense pigment, but they are pigmented which is nice. Sometimes it's nice not to have something quite so intense. I like the packaging of these, as you can actually see the colour of these on the packaging. Nothing more annoying with a lip product than not being able to see the colour. As for staying power I'd probably say it's your normal 3-4 hour wear but I really do like these. I own 4 shades so far, and I'm tempted to get more because I really like the finish of them. Find them here.
Have you tried them?!


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