Friday, 31 October 2014


'iya loves,

Happy Halloween! What have you beautiful people been up to today?! I've had my niece Keira here for the day! We've been up to some baking today. Yesterday fia was here so Pumpkin carving happened yesterday. Did you guys see what I turned the pumpkin into?! I did turn into Dumbo. I couldn't not, I thought it was so cute that I just couldn't resist ugh, I know I'm too much of a Disney fan! 

Today was a baking day as I said, so first of all we made a banana loaf. I always feel like if you buy a big bag of bananas they always go bad before you end up eating them all, but never fear they make a beautiful banana loaf which is always super tasty. For me it's so nice eating it when it's still warm and the butter just melts into it. That's the best time to eat it! We then made a pumpkin cake, we were going to make pumpkin cupcakes, but I made cupcakes last week with fia so wanted to change it up a bit and Keira is more grown up so we went for something a bit different. So obviously we used the flesh from the pumpkin, added some sultanas, orange peel and orange juice and my gosh is it a gorgeous cake. For the frosting I used some icing sugar, butter and philly! Mmm, it's so good guys, definitely don't know why I stopped making pumpkin cakes! 

Keira then roped me into doing her make up for her, for tonight's trick or treating with her sisters. She's going as a witch and she wanted to use some of my make up as she knows I've got a slight problem. The main shadows I ended up using was the Urban Decay electric palette which Keira's eyes lit up at. Yes girl, I know mine too. I used a couple of Make Up Geek shadows too. Red, purple and black shadows are all I used, as we went for cobwebs, glitter, sparkle and silver on the cobwebs, with red shadows underneath the cobwebs and a darker red shading. She wanted me to add glitter which I was more than happy to do. She had glow in the dark face paint as a base I did have to powder over the top of the areas where I was using liquid liner for detail work because girl, face paint and liquid liner would have been a hot mess. She wanted a spider on her cheek as well which is what she got. She also for some reason wanted to give herself a black spot on her nose! She really enjoyed the finish look so she's one happy girlie!


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