Tuesday, 14 October 2014


'iya loves,

Okay so first off I'm going to talk shades. I have N1 Ivory & W2 Golden Vanilla. Ivory is a pretty good match however sometimes the pinkish undertone I don't think looks right on my skin with my redness that I have going on. C2 is slightly too yellow right now for my skin so I'd need to go down a shade. I tend to normally go or slightly more yellow tones to neutralise my redness so it's less visible. I find it looks better than having too many pinky tones going on. 

Now on to the actual foundation itself. L'Oreal true match is raved about on Youtube by so many. It has so many colour shades so I'm sure there's something for everyone. I'm just super difficult to match always have been it's annoying! I really like this foundation. I find it's a very natural finish, which allows you to build up the layers if you feel like you need more coverage. It doesn't look cakey it still looks like skin which is something that I look for in a foundation. It doesn't go patchy throughout the day which is another plus, it stays looking good for hours. I don't necessarily find that I need a primer with this foundation being perfectly honest with you. I will advise to you all ladies with any foundation make sure you've got a layer of something on your face before applying foundation. Wash your face and moisturise, before applying a foundation. Application will be so much better. It gives you a smooth base to work with. I feel like you could build this up from medium coverage to full coverage pretty easily. You could sheer this foundation out by using a beauty blender which still gives a beautiful flawless finish. Add another layer for slightly more coverage, but I love how you can really alter the coverage from day to day. I think this is a great foundation for everybody to have in their collection. 

Have you tried it and do you love it?! Find it here.


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