Saturday, 11 October 2014


'iya loves,

this week has been somewhat of a busy ish week, still battling the migraines that's a given. I'm now battling eye drops too to try and hydrate my eyeballs. Irritated red sore eyes is not nice. Especially when you're trying to film tutorials and your eyeballs are hating you. Not good! Boyce Avenue have been back uploading videos to Youtube which pleases me greatly. It pleases my obsession too. Over a month guys, not good. This weekend consists of chill time with my girl, my man and editing. I seem to be editing and filming a lot lately but if I've got spare time I might as well make the most of it. The days are getting colder and so are the nights which means Halloween is getting closer and so is Christmas. You'll seen in a few upcoming videos how excited I'm getting! Probably too excited but honestly, I can't help myself! It's a problem! I keep seeing the trailer for the film Annabelle. It freaks me out every time no joke. I don't do well with paranormal, at all. The last one I watched was the haunting of cellblock 11. To be honest it wasn't the best but it still scared the crap out of me, just ask Jase on that one. He loves paranormal, I sit there shaking whilst he's sitting there laughing.. not good. I like gore, he doesn't :) Video wise this week saw two uploads as normal, my September favourites which included some new products or you guys and also a tutorial which my friend Amanda requested last minute - soft pink & purple smokey eye. In fact going shopping with her today to help pick out some make up goodies for her.




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