Saturday, 18 October 2014


'iya loves,

What a strange old week it's been. It's been quite busy. I had a busy old weekend and couldn't for the life of me find it in me to get motivated to edit Sunday's video. It went up Wednesday so there was only one video. I spent the Saturday make up shopping with Amanda. I've got her into a proper skin care routine. Finally, she told me she didn't moisturise. Like what?! After telling me she get's dry skin in the winter. I've got her into bronzing, contouring, blush and highlighting I'm proud. New eye shadows ahh I'm like a proud lil mama. It was a good day. Bethy was round as well at the weekend. I stupidly in Wilkos was looking at cat treats as sweets. No idea. I was standing at the Essence counter, for ages. Essence is quite a new brand for us UK ladies which is sold in Wilko's. I picked up 5 lip liners and 3 eye liners to try. Look out for them in some upcoming tutorials. If I get on with those I may pick out some more things from Essence to try! I'm so excited guys! Guess what turned up yesterday at Jases! My LORAC MEGA PRO I need that baby like ASAP! I can't wait to see him haha! I said goodbye to the rents this morning.. well mumma came up whilst I was still zombified at like 8:30 am give me some credit. I've got a lot done though! I'm not on herbal and fruit teas, and I've made a banana loaf today. The cat is already suspicious as I'm currently typing this she's staring at me. Once I'd done everything I showered and got into some PJ's and since then I've been editing tomorrow's video with the duvet on the sofa. I really feel like watching ELF too! I blame my sister for that! Let me know how your week has been! 



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