Tuesday, 4 November 2014


'iya loves,

This was the first color tattoo I ever purchased as I thought it would be a great inner corner brightner. That's what I first used it for and it was great. As you can see it's been well loved. I love using this round about this time of year to create gorgeous smokey eyes and also festive looks. It's a great base. It really is a great silver base and it so pigmented. It's the best silver base I have. It's great on it's own and I have just used it on it's own before and just kept building the layers up. However my favourite way is to apply some Barry M dazzle dust over the top which I've done in a tutorial, I'll see if I can find it and link it below for you guys! You guys know how much I rave about these colour tattoo's but I do think they're worth the £5. These work really well as a liner as well. If you haven't tried using them like that and need a silver liner, just take a liner brush dip it in the jar and try it as a gel liner you'll be surprised, they don't budge. I'm in love guys! Find it here.

Here's the tutorial I posted last year, it was a festive look where I used this color tattoo and the dazzle dust in action. I hope it gives you guys some inspiration and also some ideas. Let me know if you guys have tried this before and your thoughts! 


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