Thursday, 18 December 2014


'iya loves,

I posted my last Christmas tutorial on my channel yesterday. It was my most simple one I think anyway. It's perfect for if you've got a last minute Christmas party and you want something fun to wear on the eyes. It's very simple to do and you can just do the winged liner part of the tutorial if you wish. I threw some red eye shadow into the crease to give the eyes some definition. I put some matte white eye shadow onto the eye lids and the put some glitter eye liner on the eye lids for some holiday festive sparkle because it's Christmas and you can never have too much sparkle and glitz at Christmas! I also added Silver liner on the inner corners and created a double wing which you'll see in the pictures and in the video! I really love how this look turned out and I think it's honestly my favourite. I did try to use white eye shadow as typically candy canes are white and red however it didn't show up too good and that's with using my NYX eye shadow pencil in milk as a base! I ended up rolling with silver! The good with thing with this is candy canes you get them in a variety of colours so if you don't want to do white/red or silver/red then you can switch it up to whatever you fancy! Be different, be unique! As always pictures and the video below,and look out for New Years Eve looks coming next, who's excited?!




  1. ooh what a fun and festive look! I love the inner corner highlight especially :) x


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