Tuesday, 16 December 2014


'iya loves,

As you all know this time of year is my favourite time of year for LUSH products. Unfortunately I can't link this one for you because it's currently like with the wizard I showed you yesterday not available. However I wanted to show you guys this one because I love how they release these cute little pumpkins each year. Last year they had cute little faces. This year they we're a more glammed up glitzy version!

I warn you this is definitely one where the glitter goes everywhere for that reason I kept it back in the bag! Sadly I've used this one all up now and I wish I had got more than one because it smelt so good and left beautiful water. Surprisingly I found a beautiful combo which I'll tell you more about in a minute! Now to me this bubble bar smells quite fruity and more than anything orange scented which I loved about it! I only got two baths out of this! You could probably get 3-4 baths out of it but with my LUSH collection I'm not too bothered about breaking them up rather small and I really enjoy lots of bubbles! Half of these created lots and lots of bubbles! The colour of the water was bright orange with gorgeous gold glitter running through the water! The scent also lingers with you which I found so relaxing! As I said I needed to have more of these!

It fits this season so perfectly I just absolutely love it! So the last half I actually used last night! Now I've actually been vlogging so you'll see this in an upcoming vlog! I paired it with Lord of misrule, and it looked really good to have that glitter in the bath with the maroon water, it looked really festive! The scent was incredible! I've done a post on the Lord of Misrule already! Seriously it's an amazing bath bomb which also has popping candy in! Do you guys try mixing bubble bars and bath bombs?!



  1. oh wow look at all that glitter! :) Looks lovely x

    1. I love glitter especially for this time of year! x


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