Wednesday, 24 December 2014


'iya loves,

1 more sleep!
what a busy busy day it's been oh my goodness. who's excited?!

Today my second New Years tutorial has gone live and if you couldn't tell by the title of this post it's Midnight Navy which of course means it features Navy. Now a subscriber asked if I could do a New Years tutorial featuring blues so that's what I did. I'm wearing a dress for New Years with blue and red in so it was quite fitting! I used all Make Up Geek Shadows can I just say now - pigmentation - amazing. Marlena has done a fantastic job creating these eye shadows. You know how in every palette you find a bum shade.. I keep expecting that to happen with these but every shade I've used, they've been fantastic. I'm obsessed. I really love this look, it's something different. It's smoky, sultry, sexy, but still colourful. I'd rock this even with my blue eyes and I plan to rock this on New Years! So let me know if you plan to rock this on New Years! I had a blast creating this and as usual I had to pop a bit of glitter in the inner corner it's New Years ;) I give you four lip options to choose from in this video as well. I realise a bold lip with the eyes might not be for everyone so I thought I'll give you some choice! That way you can see that you can pair quite a lot of different lip colours with this look! The one colour I wish I'd have shown you was orange because I think that would look really beautiful with this look! Try it out I bet you won't be disappointed!



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