Thursday, 19 February 2015

Youtube Catch Up #22.

'iya loves,

How's your week going so far?! I've had the week off work as I had holiday to use up before next month. I was going to film a requested tutorial yesterday however I spent the day fixing my hair. Long story short my usual hair dye that I use which I showed you in my haircare routine did not take to the middle and some of the ends of my hair. I think that was a sign that I needed a change. I've had that colour for quite a while. The most common thing us girls do after a break up is change our hair mine was just 4 months later haha! My new shade of red in the light looks like Ariel's hair and when my hair isn't in the light it's a more red toned red if that makes sense which is darker than my previous colour. I think it suits me and looks much better. I feel a lot happier with my new colour. I used a L'Oreal hair dye in the colour Scarlett Power. I plan to switch it up once this has faded and it needs dying again by giving my hair a true Ariel colour in all light :) I said this year was the year for change and that's definitely happening. 

Today I've spent the day with my nieces and baby nephew Aiden. I promise a post about him is coming soon I've just not had time to write about that beautiful little boy yet. He's so adorable and the noises he makes are just hilarious. He was doing little goat impressions earlier whilst drinking his bottle. Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mumma and then Saturday I'm off to see Fifty Shades of Grey with my chummy, then we're going shopping and then we're having a much deserved and needed night out. Sunday will be spent recovering from no doubt the night before and then Monday it's back to work for me. 

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