Friday, 24 April 2015

That Spring Feeling.

'iya loves,

so it's been a little while hasn't it?! I'm full into the swing of those spring vibes right now! I'm absolutely loving it, more importantly orange appears to be my colour at the moment! I'm loving wearing it on the eyes, lips & clothing wise! I've changed shades of red twice in the past two months and I've got my next shade lined up which is coming in a future haul! Not to mention my current love for curled hair! I curl my hair and then it will last until I next wash my hair which is great, it means as the days go on the curls get messier and more effortless which I love. Can we just also speak about my current obsession with hoops.. it's becoming a slightly problem! Which you'll probably see in my upcoming favourites video! 

Easter has been and gone and we had all 4 girlies in that time to stay for 2 nights & 3 days! Least to say it was hectic! Got about 12 weeks left of having Fia on a Thursday & Friday and then she's off to school! That has gone so quickly, when did she get so grown up?! Keira is staying tonight to make up for the night she missed out on due to her being unwell bless her! My parents are off on their holiday as of Monday! Which means I've got filming time to film some looks! I'll give you an insight, I've got two collabs in the pipeline which I'm so excited for! I've also got a Hayley Williams inspired tutorial which I need to film coming up! That was a requested tutorial! I also went to start a new series on my channel which I've got lots of ideas for I've just not had enough time to even begin filming that! I'm very excited! 

As with my job the store has been open 5 weeks now and we're finally getting into our routine. Everything has calmed down a lot which is great because it means I can get back to doing this which I love! 

Needless to say we've also planned a trip to the zoo in September! This was mine and my sister Nikki's doing! We thought little Aiden would love it, and we're getting the whole family together as a family outing and to do something for the mass of birthdays that will be happening in September! Of course I need to check up on my elephants too and renew my adoption! 

I'll leave the latest videos below if you've not seen them yet! New video coming sunday loves! 




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